Friday, November 9, 2007

Something Old, Borrowed, And Blue


'The Antique Story Book' by Arthur Schwerdt. I can't imagine anyone not breezing through this easy-to-read eBook. And it's loaded with interesting little facts that will never leave you. Did you know that "credenza" is Italian for "trust?" It was where food and wine were placed during the Renaissance so servants could taste first, lest their masters be poisoned. Now there's trust for you! Whether you are an antique lover, a history lover, or you just like to read good books, The Antique Story eBook is worth your time.
'Crafters Companion' by Anna Torborg. I did have a nice time reading this eBook as well as watching and trying the projects. It really is fun to read about the people that create the things you're going to do. The projects are so fun also and not so difficult to follow. If you are among the new generation of craft addicts that want to read about others successfully crafting and blogging their little hearts out, this is a fun read. I really recommend this book to everyone! Get your Coupon Code below to receive a discount on these two eBook Titles.

The Antique Story Book (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Schwerdt, Arthur
The most fun you'll ever have learning about antiques, from the man the Philadelphia Daily News has called "the godfather of Cape May County antiquing," can be found in The Antique Story Book: Finding the Real Value of Old Things. From his columns, lectures, and classes on antiques, author Arthur Schwerdt, a certified appraiser and dealer for nearly a quarter of a century, shares some of his favorite stories-the ones that make antiques so fascinating to so many people.
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CRAFTERS COMPANION (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Anna Torborg
In a world where every material desire can be filled by ready-made, machine-perfect goods, why do some people still insist on doing things by hand? The Crafter's Companion is for everybody who loves the world of hand-crafts and anybody who's ever wondered what exactly there is to love about it. An on-line community of skilled artists have come together to answer these questions: * Why do you create? * What inspires you? * How do you work?
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